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Saturday, October 7, 2017

Extension Block Classes Start Monday!

Extension Block classes (EBs) will begin starting Monday afternoon, much to everyone's delight. They will continue most Monday and Thursday mornings for 3 consecutive weeks, for a total of 5 sessions (10/9, 10/12, 10/16, 10/25, 10/30).

When asked (as I often am) what makes Summers-Knoll different than other schools, I am proud to be able to list quite a few things. Extension Block classes are one of the things I always mention. These unique learning opportunities are so special to both teachers and students.

Children love opportunities to learn and play with children from other classes, and to explore a topic that they are particularly interested in. It gives teachers a wonderful gift - the time and space to teach (and learn more about) a topic they have a passion in, but that might not fit in with the regular curriculum. In the past, EBs have included everything from pickling, to carpentry, to knitting, to geo-cacheing, to making homemade pasta, and much, much more.

Geronimo learned to make pasta last year - not a small task for a then kindergartener!

This time, children had four interesting topics from which to choose. Shan is heading an engineering challenge, Val is planning a photography/art inspired block, Grace looks to the night skies, and I’ll be revisiting one I did several years ago with mazes and labyrinths. All children who responded to Karen’s sign-up with get their first or second choice. We can’t wait to get started!

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