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Thursday, September 28, 2017

This Week in Review - September 25 - 29

                                This information can also be found in Walter's weekly email:

This week, the heat wave broke, and we reached the final days of September! 

In math, we continued working with place value and number sense. Playing our current favorite whole group game, we now are reading and deconstructing numbers up to the millions place! We have been starting math group with some warm up activities using dice rolls - quickly adding up to 10 and 20. And, of course, each child is making good progress, at their own speed, in their Singapore math books.

We completed our first "spelling-go-round" on Monday, made progress in our read-aloud, Matilda (we LOVE it!), enjoyed library time with Rachel, as well as special reader time with Mila and Mia. We crafted our own "I Am" poems a bit more - these will be worked on for at least another week or so.

We recited/illustrated a sweet poem from our anthology, called The Reason I Like Chocolate. You can hear the author read it herself by clicking the link above. It's one of my favorites.

On Thursday, we read Beatrice's Goat as a kick-off to our big, big home/service project for October - Read-to-Feed. 

Shan had the children create aliens (or alien bugs) in science this week, using genetics! Using coin tosses, the students came up with characteristics for their aliens - they turned out very sweet! We will be building on this introduction of genetic traits in the weeks to come. 

In the classroom, we also started a science experiment - this one based on germs. We are learning about the importance of washing our hands, as well what the "control" is in an experiment. I will be blogging about the children's observations and conclusions soon. 

And, of course, we had plenty of outside time to explore, as well as inside free choice time. We never lose sight of the fact that children need to play! 

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