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Thursday, June 8, 2017

This Week in Review - June 5 - 9

                                          This information will also be found in Walter's Friday email:

In math this week, we read a probability mystery story called The Runaway Puppy. We also figured out the odds of getting a head full of confetti as we played egg roulette - it was a smash! Our final day of math will be all fun and games as we joined forces with Elaine's math group on Friday

Our final read-aloud for the year is a sweet one - Thimble Summer. This is a Newbery Award winner written a long time ago, in 1938. It has proven to be timeless, and I think the children are really enjoying it. They are listening to it while lying on pillows, some with eyes closed, letting their imaginations work creating images in their heads.

Catie came in for our final rain garden activity - we wrote and drew about our rain garden. Children demonstrated that they understood much about why this type of garden is important and how to take care of it. 

We put final touches on a lot of year-long projects - memory books, poetry anthologies, and portfolios. These all got sent home to be enjoyed, along with pillows sewn way back in September and book bundles to be enjoyed over the summer.

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