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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Visit to Leslie Science and Nature Center

Way back in September or October, the "seeds" were planted for one of the big learning/giving projects of the year. Each year, the students in my class learn so much about birds and raptors, as well as food chains and webs, the environment, and nature in general. I start the process by reading picture books about raptors, and - as children get "hooked", I provide more and more information for them to discover. Soon it is time for us to do a big environmental service project in December, and I introduce the idea of doing a "bake sale for the birdies". This is a really fun activity where we make all sorts of goodies for backyard birds and sell them in time for holiday giving.

After learning specifically about the raptors at Leslie Science and Nature Center, what brought them the facility, and raising money in order to provide for the care of one of them - we now get to finally visit all the raptors in person!

Here we are, in front of the turkey vulture enclosure.

Some of the children made sketches of some of the raptors.

The beautiful facility

One of the thoughtful artists

What a face - only a mother (or a classroom full of loving students) could love that mug!

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