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Thursday, May 18, 2017

This Week in Review - May 15 - 19

This information will also be found in Walter's weekly email:

This week was another busy one, and we are trying to get lots of projects wrapped up before the end of the year. In math, we have switched from one-die to two-dice probability explorations, and are reading a lot of fun probability stories (many coming from a chapter book with the rather unfortunate ungrammatical title Do You Wanna Bet?).

We are finishing our writing projects, both creative endeavors as well as our year-long journals. We are also starting a series of shorter chapter book read-alouds, with a loose theme of "summer adventures". Poetry anthologies, spelling challenges, handwriting books, and special reader weekly events - all will be continued until the last week of school.

This week our big special project happened on Wednesday morning. Our months-long sustainability project of seed saving culminated with an all-school seed sale in which we raised $150.00. This money will go toward the rain garden that we helped design, and that we will help plant and maintain.

On Thursday afternoon, we went on a Spring nature walk with our naturalist Kelsey. This was the third and final one of the school year, to learn about the changing seasons of our beautiful County Farm Park. We pulled a lot of garlic mustard, an invasive species prevalent this time of year.

In Science, we continue to learn about fossils. Next week, we head off to the fossil park in Ohio to go on a real excavation. More information about this soon!

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