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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Marketplace Stories - Folktales from the Arab World

This morning we were very lucky to see a new production at the Wild Swan Theater called Marketplace Stories—Folktales from the Arab World. 

This production was a collaboration with the Arab American National Museum, and was a delightful collection of really funny folk tales. Our own Andrew was called on stage to take part in one of the stories. The music was particularly delightful - and our seats were right up front. All and all, it was a wonderful performance and a perfect way to spend a rainy and cold Thursday morning.

But beyond being a nice way to stay warm, dry, and entertained, theater of this sort is also so important for young children - we can't forget the real reason we continue to take our students to cultural enriching field trips. I read a study several years ago that (re)confirmed what educators here have always known - these types of experiences produce benefits for students in so many ways. This particular study showed:

* increased student tolerance by providing exposer to a broader, more diverse world
* improved ability of students to recognize what other people are thinking and feeling

That's a great payoff for the investment, if you ask me.

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