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Thursday, March 30, 2017

This Week in Review - March 27 - 30

This information also found in Walter's weekly email:

In math this week, we had a special treat on Monday. Several children from Chris's class visited to teach us a new game - Zeus on the Loose. This game is great practice for quick counting strategies, rounding to the nearest 10, and strategy. We also continued making our multiplication stories, with emphasis on making our illustrations clear, concise, and matching the problem. 

We finished Henry and Ribsy just in time for break. We had one more child finish and "publish" his writers workshop story, while others worked on other pieces (including stories about their teddy bear friends they brought in on Tuesday). We are practicing our pieces for a Friday morning meeting coming right after break - projecting our voices and becoming comfortable with the material. 

Two guests from the outside world came to our classroom. Catie returned to help us plan the rain garden, and Eric from the Ann Arbor Seed Company came to talk about our current seed saving project. We collected seeds from acorn squash this week, which was just slightly more difficult than peppers.

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