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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Peer Editing

Part of our writing practice involves sharing our work with others. As I think back on my days in high school and college, I remember being frozen with fear when asked to read my work aloud. It didn't feel safe - I knew my pieces were amateurish, and it really bothered me to get any sort of feedback.

These children feel no such fear or reluctance. Most LOVE to share their work with others. We practice giving feedback with some role-play - lots of positive statements (I liked it when ...) and a few suggestions (I wonder what would happen if ...) Because children know that their peers will treat their work kindly, they are more willing to take a chance.

This picture was snapped this morning, as I noticed two children working together. Femi needed some feedback on his story and wanted to read it aloud to someone. Andrew was typing his story, but agreed to listen with an open heart and to give suggestions and support.

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