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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Environmental Super Hero Project for February

Our good works continued this month, with a special project for our bird friends. This has become one of our favorite projects in February - making valentines for our backyard birds.

We started off by reading a poem:

                                    I gave a hundred Valentines.
                                    A hundred, did I say?
                                    I gave a thousand Valentines
                                    one cold and wintry day.
                                    I didn't put my name on them
                                    or any other words.
                                    Because my Valentines were seeds
                                    for February birds.

This year, I tried a new recipe - and I don't think it worked as well as some I've tried in the past. However, this gave the children a good opportunity to work in cooperative groups, to take turns, to read and follow the multi-step directions, to measure, to talk about fractions, and to problem solve.

The result, while not especially beautiful, will be sure to be appreciated. And it always makes US feel good to be useful and thoughtful.

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