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Thursday, December 22, 2016

Weekly Update - December 19 - 22 - Happy Winter Break!

This information will also be found in Walter's weekly email:

It was difficult to not be wiggly this week, for teachers as well as students! We looked forward with great anticipation to Thursday - the annual cookie cottage extravaganza AND pajama day! I heard, "How many more days?" more than a few times. 

We managed to get work done, however, as we continued work with our "Steig Stories" in writers workshop, and learned a new trick in math class called Kaprekar's Constant (the number 6174).This gives great practice in place value skills, as well as subtraction with renaming. As part of our cultural/family sharing this month, we had a special visitor on Tuesday afternoon - Auggie's grandma came in with a fruit tree and a story. On Wednesday afternoon, the students used gumdrops and toothpicks for a STEM engineering challenge - even the mistakes were sweet! And, at long last, Thursday - the start of a (hopefully) sweet and rejuvenating winter break. 

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