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Thursday, December 1, 2016

This Week in Review: November 28 - December 2

This information also found in Walter's weekly news on Friday.

After a short and sweet week last week (filled with gratitude exercises, baking projects, math games, and Grand Friends Day), this week has felt a bit more relaxed. We are still getting much accomplished, however. We were visited on Tuesday by Sam's class of 5th and 6th graders, where we buddied up and read myths together. We also are honing our parts of the big all-school play by having several rehearsals. Our myth will be How the Polar Bear Got its FurWe worked on our own projects as well, including our spelling lists, Steig stories, owl poems, Special Readers, and more. A big December project has begun with an in-depth look at birds of prey - this multidimensional project will include lots of reading, writing, poster-making, public speaking, crafts and a social service project. In math, we are still having a great time with the ever-more-challenging Yahtzee math game, and were introduced to another new place value game too, Children are getting more adept at saying large numbers (up to the billions place, in some cases), and knowing what each place represents (a 3 in the 100,000's place = 300,000, for example). We spent as much time as possible outside this week, to take advantage of the waning warm-ish days - but we are all looking forward to snow!

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