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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More Sweet Traditions

Our season of sharing traditions continues, and we had two sweet things happen - both from August's family. Yesterday, Auggie's Oma came to share something that she makes each and every year. She also had a lovely children's book to read to us.

This morning, Auggie came in extra early to continue spreading the joy. One of the yearly traditions at his house is to find a pickle hidden "in plain sight" on the Christmas tree. Augs hid the pickle somewhere in our classroom, and it took a good 10 minutes to find it! It had magically become part of a fairy house that is part of our classroom decor. Well done! Leland was the one to finally find it, so he got first dibs on a candy cane of his choice (and everyone else got one too, of course).

We spent the rest of the morning hiding and finding the pickle, and some children wanted to make their own pickle so they could play at home. Luckily, I found a pattern online - and we always have lots of felt material and stuffing available.

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