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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Exploration - Our Own Farmers Market

The Farmers Market is one of my favorite spots in Ann Arbor. You can usually find me there on Wednesday 
mornings during the summer, and on Saturday mornings year-round. I was so happy to hear that most of the 
children in the class loved the market too, and were quite familiar with it already.

This morning, however, was a bit different than just the usual trip with Mom and Dad. Today we did a scavenger 
hunt and had to find 9 different answers. Most of the answers were found by careful observation ("Find three things 
for sale at the market that are not fruits or vegetables" "What is the biggest fruit you can find?") and others required 
an interview with a farmer ("Find one local vendor whose farm you could visit?") and still others were unique to the 
child ("What is something you've never tasted?" "If you had $10.00, what would you buy?") Each child was successful 
and filled out their entire chart. It was a lovely way to really visit the market with all of our exploring skills.

Many thanks the the parent helpers who accompanied us this morning!

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