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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

A My Name is Alice

I love to have a sweet art/literacy project on the walls, just in time for curriculum night. Sometimes I have the students complete "bio-poems" with self portraits, and other times I've done a literature prompt. Either way, it is one way that we can welcome parents into our classroom, with a peek at what we've discovered about each other the first few days of school.

This year, we were inspired by a sweet old book called, A My Name is Alice. This is, as the title hints at, an alphabet book. But it is also a book that introduces young students to the fun of alliteration, besides introducing them to some unusual animals and places.

After enjoying the story, we used a variety of mediums to create our self portraits. About half the children are finished, and the other half will complete theirs tomorrow. In the meantime, please enjoy Leland's finished piece - so lovely! And I hope you can enjoy ALL of them on Thursday night - be there or be square!

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