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Saturday, May 28, 2016

Materials Recovery Facility - Our Final Environmental Superhero Project

For our final Environmental Superhero project, we headed of to the Materials Recovery Facility. While there, we learned more about recycling in Ann Arbor, made paper, and had a great tour.

Getting children to have good recycling habits early is more important than ever. We want to make LIFETIME environmental superheroes!  Many children already recycle/compost at home, but are not aware of what happens after the recycle truck comes and totes all their stuff away. Going to the MRF allows them to see what goes on behind the scenes.

Now we have greater appreciation for the people who do this important work. It also makes us more aware that little choices and actions add up to some big results!

This year alone, our students have learned that they can make a difference. We've sponsored injured raptors, fed baby orphaned squirrels, cut down dramatically on lunch waste, learned about food choices by baking vegan goodies, vermicomposted daily, made environmentally safe cleaning solutions and hand sanitizers, and more. Even though they are still small, our students are mighty!

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