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Friday, April 29, 2016

Innovative Tribes!

Yesterday we began a fun Tribes project, one that brought in teamwork and innovation. We've been learning a lot about different inventions throughout the years, and dreaming up and drawing some of our own. The last thing we "invented" was some sort of new toy. (We have been reading about toy inventions too - Monopoly, silly putty, the frisbee, among others.)

Now we are expanding this idea to think of a new indoor or outdoor game. Tribe members must 1) invent a new game using at least two of the supplied materials, 2) think of a name for their game, 3) write down instructions and rules, and 4) teach the game to others. Yesterday we got started as Tribes received the materials they can work with - a jump rope, 4 golf balls, a soft larger ball, and a bean bag. Sticks are also a "freebie", if they want to incorporate those to mark the playing field or to set up lanes, for instance.

The room was a happy and excited buzz as ideas were shared and tested.

I love projects like this for a lot of reasons. It is always a bonus if what we are doing can incorporated into our theme. It's a double bonus if children learn skills beyond "academic" ones - how to brainstorm, share ideas, work in a group setting, and compromise. I'm also thrilled that this give more opportunities for EVERYONE to play together, as groups take turns teaching and playing their games.

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