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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Michigan Wildlife - Another Trip to the Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History does a fantastic job of creating field trip experiences for young children. This was the second time we've gone this year. The first time we went, the emphasis was water, and this time we learned about Michigan wildlife. There were about 8 or 9 stations located in various parts of the three exhibit floors. Small groups of children were led in discussions and activities around native birds, insects, arachnids, invasive specials, mammals, food chains and webs, life cycles, conservation, and more. Because we had four adults attending with the 2 first/second grade classes, 6 children could travel in each group - this made each station intimate and especially engaging.

Special guests from the Leslie Science and Nature Center were on hand with a sweet little screech owl. We also had a lovely time just gazing at the museum's amazing collection of birds and mammals. My students made me extremely proud as they were engaged, well-behaved, and were able to ask interesting questions and answer a lot of questions. What a bright group of young naturalists we have!

The museum is open Monday - Saturday from 9 - 5, and Sunday 12 - 5. It is free, although donations are certain appreciated. There is so much that we didn't see - I'm sure your children would love a repeat visit.

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Susan W said...

So glad the field trip was a great success. Glad to have the time with your students! Susan Westhoff, Executive Director, Leslie Science & Nature Center