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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Meditation is Awesome - by Guest Blogger, AMELIE!

My name is Amelie.

Meditation is awesome. Some parents come in too. Which CD would you want? There are two options - Planting Seeds or Sitting Still Like a Frog. My favorite is "A Safe Place".

This is Amelie's "Safe Place" - tucked in bed with her whole family.

We get our pillows. It is about 3 or 5 minutes. Do you think you would like that?

One time, the person on the tape fell asleep. Then we just laughed and read a book.

Maybe you would like meditation.


Susan said...

Hello Amelie! Meditation is my favorite part of the day - I'm so glad you like it too. I think my favorite one to listen to is "Secret of the Heart Chamber". Thank you for doing such a nice job on this blog post - I love the way you've become such a great author.

Heather Halabu said...

Hi Amelie! You did a wonderful job on your blog. I loved how you were speaking directly to us, the readers. We do "Sitting Still Like a Frog" at home sometimes, too. What a wonderful way to start each day at SK!

Heather (Marcel's mom)

Jennifer Ogilvie said...

Hi Amelie,
Meditation sounds fun - maybe you can teach our whole family how to do it. I wonder what planting seeds sounds like. If the person on the tape fell asleep during meditation maybe it could work to help your brother go to sleep! Thanks for telling us about meditation!
Love Mom

Valenta said...

Hi Amelie!
What a delightful post! Thanks for sharing about meditation. It sounds like an enjoyable part of your day. And how amusing that the person on the tape fell asleep. Maybe they were a little too relaxed!

Ronald Buckanovich said...

Hi Amelie-- I love your description of the meditation. It reminded me of the times I was there to start the day and was able to join in for a 'safe place'. I feel happier and more relaxed just reading your post. Thanks!

Stacyee Lee said...

Hi there, Amelie!

Thank you for telling us about how your class starts every morning. I love the times that I am able to join you all. I feel more relaxed and LOVE how it starts my day. Your pictures of your classmates meditating was the highlight! Very well done.

Stacyee (Andrew's mom)

Elizabeth said...

What a pleasing blog post, Amelie. Do you know that your smile is like meditation to me? They both make me feel glad and say in their own ways that life, and us being together in it, is just so sweet.

I so like your drawing showing the comfort you feel when you and your brother and mom and dad are cozy in bed together. I love being in your classroom for morning meditation.

Congratulations and thank you,
Elizabeth (Sena's mom)

Kevin Kubarych said...

Dear Amelie,
I love meditating. It puts me into a relaxing state. In fact, I think I might just start meditating right n.........

Jo Alice Bennett said...

Dear Amelie,
Grandpa and I are so happy to learn about how you meditate. I have a special meditation bench that you can borrow the next time you visit. Meditation is hard to do because it is difficult to get your mind to go blank; so it takes a lot of practice. Love, Grandma.

Sigrid Cordell said...

Dear Amelie,
Thanks so much for your post about meditation. I loved your story about the person on the tape falling asleep!