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Thursday, March 3, 2016

Math is Awesome - by Guest Blogger Maya!

My name is Maya. I am writing about math. Hope you like it. Math is really fun. We do programming. The programming is really fun. The math is really fun too. But it is a bit loud. But it is not too bad. 

Chris is my math teacher. He is really funny and nice.

This class is for people in 3A to 4B but you will stay in the same class each year. People complain because they think it is long. But there are brain breaks, which are five minutes. The brain breaks separate programming from math but some days it is only math or only programming.

Right now Manon and I are working at word problems to go to 5a.

Thank you for reading my blog. If you have any questions come to me.


Susan said...

Maya, I'm so glad I get to be the first person to comment. I was so glad you wanted to blog about math, since I don't normally get to see you during that time. I do remember that you were a great math student last year, and I love how you love math. Keep up the good work! xo, Ms. Carpenter

Linda Young said...

Dear maya , wow ! I didn't even know SK taught programming ! I am very impressed that you are learning this . Thanks so much for blogging about it . Keep up the great work!

Karen Prochnow said...

Maya! Great blog post! I've been curious about math at Summers Knoll, so it is good to learn more! Thanks for all of the good information you provided. I bet the brain breaks are important!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Maya! Do you know the thing that really stuck with me after reading your blog post? Well, actually a whole lot--but I love the idea of "brain breaks." An old boss of mine used to take breaks and would do 100 jumping jacks--for his brain and his heart! But back to math and your excellent, inviting blog post about Chris's math and programming class. The pictures help show how much you like your teacher and how much he likes you. Math IS awesome, like you. Thanks for telling us about your great class.

Heather Halabu said...

Hi Maya,

I loved reading about your Math class! I didn't know you did programming, either, and I'd love to learn more! I'd also like to know what you do during your 5 minute brain breaks! Sounds great.

Thanks for sharing with us!
-Heather (Marcel's mom)

Shun Han said...

Hi Maya,

Your blog post is awesome! I can see why you likes to be in Chris's math class.
I like programming too.

Stacyee Lee said...

Hi Maya!

Thank you for sharing your passion with us and giving us a glimpse into how much you enjoy math. I think everyone should take brain breaks throughout the day. That sounds like a terrific idea!

--Stacyee (Andrew's mom)

Stacyee Lee said...

Hi Maya! Thank you for sharing your passion and excitement for math with us. I think everyone should have brain breaks throughout the day. I may just start doing that as well! Keep up the great work.

--Stacyee (Andrew's mom)

Sigrid Cordell said...

Hi Maya,
This is a great blog post! Thanks so much for sharing what you do in math. I can see why you like it so much. Brain breaks are a great idea!
-Sigrid (Spenser's mom)

Felix Kabo said...

Hi Maya,
Yes, math is awesome!! Brain breaks...what a fantastic idea. Maybe in your next blog post you can share with us what you do during your 5-minute brain breaks, and also what kind of programming you are working on e.g. a soccer playing robot buddy. Cheers!

Valenta said...

Hi Maya,
Thanks for writing such a good post! Math sounds great, and taking 5 minute breaks is a great idea. I'd read somewhere that people should take breaks at least once an hour or two so that the brain can function better. I also didn't know that programming was part of the math class. It sounds like fun.