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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Guest Blogger - Marcel! All About Art

My name is Marcel and I’m writing about art. I like art because right now we’re working on patterns and we’re stealing ideas from other artists. I also like art because I really like drawing and I like creating different things.
This is one Max did.

This is one I did.

This is one Femi did.

This is when we are working on art.

Our art teacher, Tracy, sometimes reads us books. We’re reading a book called Chasing Vermeer, and we’re reading another book called Hob. We’re also reading a book called Sister Wendy.

Every art class we read about a painting. We made prints and right now we’re coloring them in. It is very fun!


Susan said...

Hi Marcel! I loved learning about art class. I had no idea that Tracy read so many books. She is a wonderful teacher, and you are a wonderful student. I always look forward to seeing what you are able to create in art. Well done!

Ronald Buckanovich said...

Hi Marcel. You clearly have a great eye for art and are very good at describing your art experience. I love that you show so many ways to enjoy art-- doing, seeing, reading. Great post!

Shun Han said...

Great job, Marcel!

A famous writer once said "Writing is the painting of the voice." Hope you enjoy both writing and Art class.

Valenta said...

Hi Marcel,
Thanks for sharing your experience in art class. I enjoyed reading it. It's great that you get to do so many different things in art class, and get ideas from other artists!

Linda Young said...

Hi Marcel,
Sounds like art is a very cool subject in your week. I loved seeing all the art and hearing what you do in the class. You did a lovely job describing it to us. Thanks for sharing your ideas.

Ann-Marie Rosland said...

What a great description. I love that you get to hear stories about art and artists. It's really neat that you were able to put pictures of the books right into your blog. Do you listen to the books while you're working on the art? Is that distracting or inspiring? It sounds like you get to try all different styles of art - that would be really fun.

Felix Kabo said...

Hi Marcel,
You really do have an eye for art...both your own and that of others. Great artists have mastered "working on patterns" and "stealing ideas from other artists." For example, when the great Renaissance architect Filippo Brunelleschi was asked to design the dome of the Florence Cathedral, he patterned it on the older dome of the Pantheon in Rome. Thanks for sharing your love of art with us!

Heather Halabu said...


I didn't write a blog until I was 33 years old! I loved reading your blog post and I'm very proud of you.


Elizabeth said...

Hi Marcel,

It's so great to read about your art class and to see drawings by you and your friends! I could look at them for a long time and be happy. How lovely that Tracy reads your class books about art and artists and also that she encourages you to "steal" their work. What a fun, great way to make art.

Your delight about art and art class really comes across in your blog post, and you spread the delight to your readers--thank you.

From Elizabeth, Sena's mom

Karen Prochnow said...

Terrific post! Very informative! A good read!

Suzan Somo said...

Hi Marcel,

I loved reading your blog and finding out what you are doing in art class! Which of the 3 books you discussed in your blog do you like best? I am so proud of you! Keep up the great work. I'm looking forward to seeing where your imagination and creativity takes you.

Love, Aunt Suzan

Deborah Paul-McDonald said...

This is great Marcel! I like your picture and how you showed the pictures of your friends. I think it's cool that Tracy reads while you create - it's like 2 classes at the same time. Thank you for blogging -


Rebekah Cunmulaj said...

Hi Marcel,

Thank you so much for sharing a day in your art class with everyone! Art was my favorite subject when I was your age. Papa Ron and I would do art work together! Looks like it runs in the family. Keep up the great work in school. I can't wait to read your next post. Love you,

Aunt Bekah

Hilda Halabu said...

Awesome blog, Marcel!! I love seeing you "in action" and what a beautiful space you have for creating art. You and your classmates have created some really amazing work. Thank you for sharing!! Oh, and you are super lucky to have such wonderful teachers like Susan & Tracy :)
Love, Aunt Hilda

Tracy Gallup said...

Hi Marcel,

How wonderful to hear about art class from a student's perspective! I'm so happy that you enjoy the books we are reading as well as the projects we are exploring. Isn't it great to steal like an artist? Great job in describing our class!!! Thank you.


Denise said...

Hi Marcel,

We really enjoyed reading your blog. It was great that you included your friends and their pictures. We liked learning about the books that you are reading and how you are studying patterns. It will be fun to talk to you about this during your next visit.

Mama Nise and Papa Ron

Sigrid Cordell said...

I really enjoyed reading your blog about art class. It sounds like a lot of fun!

Rachel Goldberg said...

Dear Marcel,

I loved reading your blog post about art, patterns and stories. Thank you for sharing it with us. I also loved the photos of you and your friends creating art. Great job. -- Rachel