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Friday, February 12, 2016

All About Readers Theater - by Guest Blogger SEAN!

Hello, my name is Sean, and for those who don't know about Readers Theater, I'm going to teach you. Readers Theater is where you don't act the play, you read the different parts of the story. We're reading Snowflake Bentley. One of my parts I read, he (Willie Bentley) said snowflakes were as beautiful as butterflies or apple blossoms. He studied the icy crystals. Willie decided he must find a way to save snowflakes so others could see. He found hundreds of snowflakes - sometimes more like 458, some times even more like 900,000,000, and some times even more!

We're going to read another book called The Great Kapok Tree, and I think we're going to do more Readers Theater. I love it even better than math. And we're going to read The Great Kapok Tree today and I'm really excited to do it.

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Linda Young said...

Dear Sean,
Let me be the first to congratulate you on your excellent post. As we know, you LOVE screens, so I am very happy to hear you express so much enthusiasm for reading. Way to go!!!!!
Keep up the writing. It is wonderful to hear what you have to say.
Linda (mom)

Heather Halabu said...

Hi Sean! I loved your blog post. Readers Theater sounds like so much fun. Snowflake Bentley is one of my favorite stories!

I look forward to reading your posts in the future!

-Heather (Marcel's mom)

Ronald Buckanovich said...

900,000,000 snowflakes-- WOW-- that is a lot of snowflakes. Reader's theater sounds so fun-- I used to do this with friends before moving to Ann Arbor. Your blog post reminds me of how much fun that was. Thanks, great job!

Karen Prochnow said...

Terrific blog post, Sean! I like you style! And that's high praise, liking something better than math. Well done!

Susan said...

Dear Sean,
Thank you for writing about one of MY favorite things, too! I love to hear all of you reading a piece together - it makes the story come alive.

Elizabeth said...

Hello Sean,

You are a natural-born teacher! You taught us some very cool things about Readers Theater. I was especially happy to read, from SNOWFLAKE BENTLEY, about snowflakes being "as beautiful as butterflies or apple blossoms." Your writing voice sure does come through in your blog post. Hooray for Readers Theater and you!

Happy Valentine's weekend!
from Elizabeth, Sena's mom

Ann-Marie Rosland said...

Sean, great post!! I love how you used details to give us a clear idea of this really interesting story. It sounds like fun to read the stories outloud sometimes with your friends.

Shun Han said...

Hi Sean I really like your blogpost. I also like that you put lots of details in it. From your friend, Jiajia

LA said...

Hi Sean! I know it has been a few weeks, but I read your blog post and I loved it! Thanks for teaching me about Readers Theater (I didn't know what it was before), and also for telling me about Snowflake Bentley. I am going to check it out of the library! I have a big smile on my face right now.
Love, your friend Leora

Rachel Goldberg said...

Dear Sean,

Thanks for teaching us about Readers Theater. I love reading stories aloud with friends and I'm glad to hear you're also enjoying it. I can't wait to hear about your next story. Thanks for a great blog post. -- Rachel

Felix Kabo said...

Hi Sean,
Thanks for educating me on what Readers Theater is all about. It sounds like a lot of fun! And the 900,000,000 snowflakes? Seriously that's such a huge number. Looking forward to your next blog on The Great Kapok Tree. Cheers!

Valenta said...

Dear Sean,
Thanks for teaching about Readers Theater. I feel like I know much more about it now. It sounds like a fun way to enjoy stories as a class. The book you described, Snowflake Bentley, sounds very interesting. And I agree, snowflakes can be as beautiful as butterflies. I hope you enjoy reading the Great Kapok Tree!

Ade said...

Great post Sean. Reader's Theater sounds really fun!!