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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Where We Live - Zooming Out to Space!

As a sort of follow-up to our "Where We're From" mapping project, we worked this week on "Where We Live". This was a great way for children to understand the sequence of the terms planet, continent, country, state, city, and street, as they create sweet layered books. (I'm always a little surprised to hear children saying they live in the state of Ann Arbor, or that their country is Michigan.)

I stapled together the layered booklets before we began our project. On the first (shortest) page, each child drew their house. Then we zoomed out to our city, then country, and so on. We used various other maps to locate North America, the United States, and Michigan. 

We've done some lovely mapping activities this year, and there is more to come. I believe our next project will be to recreate the seven continents in a 3-D way, using clay or playdough.

One child's first page - his house on his street.

Another child's second page - a map showing his city.

Various children's booklets, all put together - so fun!

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