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Friday, January 8, 2016

When It All Comes Together ...

Sometimes, I can't believe how well things just seem to work out.

I was looking for another Environmental Super Hero project to do this month, since I'm losing faith that we will have a big snow (we were supposed to make snow ice cream from freshly fallen flakes - yum). I found something about the waste-free lunch initiative and thought that was a great alternative. I also wanted to do a science experiment that somehow tied in, and thought of our compost worms immediately - they will the real stars of the show at lunch time today! And THAT led me to look for books that taught about worms, and I ended up finding the perfect read-aloud chapter book, called Marty McGuire Digs Worms, by Kate Messner.

Marty is a third grade girl who wants to save the world (sound familiar?) She and her classmates have been inspired to do small things to make the environment a little better. Marty and her friend try making paper (rather a funny disaster) and then come up with the idea to build worm bins in their cafeteria.

And just this morning, I received an email confirming a free visit from the Ecology Center. Could they come to our classroom to do a session called "Grow, Eat, Throw?" Why, yes, please! They will be coming on Thursday, January 21st.

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