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Sunday, January 3, 2016

This Friday - Waste Free Lunch Day!

Did you know that every packed school lunch creates an average of 67 pounds of trash per school year? I'm guessing that number is slightly lower at Summers-Knoll, as I look around at lunch time and see a lot of reusable and eco-friendly containers. Still, our trash cans are packed to the brim most every day - and a lot of that trash is unnecessary.

This Friday, January 8, our Environmental Super Heroes will (hopefully) be packing waste free lunches. I'll send out a reminder on Thursday, but in the meantime please plan on helping your child pack:

* only what he/she can eat
* only reusable containers or bags
* cloth napkin
* "real" forks and spoons

On Friday, please DON'T include Lunchable-type lunches, individually wrapped snacks, juice boxes, plastic baggies that are not reusable, straws, or disposable forks and spoons.

Waste-Free lunch tips include:

* packing sandwiches in reusable containers
* packing whole fruits without packaging
* putting drinks in thermoses or reusable containers
* buying snacks in bulk, then using reusable containers (big tubs of yogurt instead of Go-gurt and similar)

We will be studying lunches both before and after Friday, to note what can be reused, recycled, composted, or thrown away. We hope to see a difference on Friday, as children are made more aware of what can actually be saved from the trash can. Who knows? Our Super Heroes may want to start a waste-free lunch day EVERY week, for the whole school to participate in!

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