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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Reading Spaces

While on Friday we read in the dark, under blankets, with flashlights - today we took the reading show to the great outdoors. It was just too gorgeous outside - 70 degrees in November! We used one of the several sweet courtyards in our school (aren't we so lucky?),  a couple blankets, pillows, and lots and lots of books. Some children found lovely cozy areas under a red-leafed bush - the light was dappled and beautiful, and it made reading more magical than it already is. Others made themselves cozy on a bench or blanket. It was truly lovely.
Buddies on a bench

There were at least 5 children under this bush

Reading one-on-one with the teacher - and learning about "selfies"
Making a designated reading space at home makes sense. A reading nook can cut down the distractions, and create a serene and welcoming space in which to curl up with a favorite book. Perhaps you could find a way to curtain/screen a part of your living space off, add some cozy cushions and a lamp, and you are all set. Take the door off a closet, and make an inviting spot with book shelves and pillows (Harry Potter, anyone?) A canopy from Ikea is an inexpensive and whimsical way to create a special place. Or, do what I do - throw a blanket over a table and crawl into a wonderful homemade tent. Add marshmallows for extra fun.

More important even than creating a physical space, is creating an emotional space for reading. A whole-family reading time is highly recommended. Your children can see the value and joy of reading if they know you value it too. Putting all the electronic distractions away for 30 minutes each day and all curling up with your own reading material - what a lovely tradition to start.

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