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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Current Read-Aloud

One of the books I’ve been reading the past couple weeks is called The Stories Julian Tells by Ann Cameron. I’d forgotten all about this book, and was delighted to find it again and relish anew the gorgeous descriptive language and sweet message. It is a perfect read-aloud for our “identity” theme.

The children are learning that stories are important for learning about themselves and others. Storytelling is such an important way to learn about other cultures, and to pass on family history and traditions. Having a character like Julian (and his poor gullible little brother Huey) in different situations teaches the readers about how motivation and a person’s actions affect other people.

Julian is a boy not unlike many of my students. At seven years old, he is bright, impish, and a teller of tall tales. He likes to pull the leg of his little brother, and loves his parents. Sometimes Julian cannot resist making a little bit of mischief, but – luckily – has understanding and very smart parents.

We are currently a couple chapters in the first book, and then we’ll go on to More Stories Julian Tells.

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