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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Baby Squirrels and Good Deeds

3 boxes of acorns were shipped to northern Michigan a few days ago, thanks to all the students who collected them during the month of October. A sweet Environmental Super Hero project, if there ever was.

This was posted on the ARK facebook page:

All of us at the ARK want to share, with all of our wonderful supporters, how much our squirrels are enjoying the acorns that have been donated. Your kindness and support are amazing and we are very grateful to everyone for the time, effort and money that has been involved in providing acorns to help feed the many baby squirrels that will be spending the winter at the ARK. We have received many packages, from all over the state, by US mail, UPS, and FEDEX. Many children have gathered, packaged, and sent acorns. We are grateful for every single one. We have also received donations of other kinds of food and of money to help us feed and care for all of our kritters.

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