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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Vermicomposting - Our October Environmental Super Hero Project

It is always an exciting day when a package arrives in the mail labeled "live worms". I went to school early in order to prepare our worm bin - some reconstituted coconut coir makes for some lovely bedding. When the students came, we opened the package together, and released 1,000 worms (I'm assuming - we didn't count) into their new habitat. I think they were happy to get misted with water and fed 2 chopped-up apples. It must have been a long trip from "Uncle Jim's" worm farm.

All year, we will turn our left-over snack produce (apple peels, watermelon rind, and more) into wonderful worm poo (or castings). It will be harvest time in the spring, but in the meantime we will learn all about composting and the importance of the lowly worm.

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