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Monday, September 28, 2015

Our First Spelling-Go-Round Today!

Today was our first attempt at "Spelling-Go-Round". Each week (unless it is a shorter week), children will get a new list of words to practice, both at school and at home. Here are some of the fun ways we practiced our words this morning:

White Boards and Markers

Shaving Cream


Word Search

As you can see, we try to encompass as many learning pathways as possible - auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, visual. Some people really need to write down each word, some do better by hearing it and repeating it. Children choose the way they think would be the most fun and most effective.

Spelling lists are generally two-pronged - there are "simple" sight words to memorize. These words come up all the time in reading and writing, but may or may not fit any conventional spelling "rule". Other words are "word family" words - these have a phonetic pattern, and once the pattern is learned, the words fall right into place.

In coming weeks, I'll be adding a "super challenge" or two - these are crazy-hard words that some children really like. These are optional for all but the most advanced spellers.

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