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Friday, June 5, 2015

Our Final Math Class Was Very Egg-Citing!

Our culminating event for our probability studies was the much-anticipated "egg roulette". We started with fourteen eggs, blown out and cleaned. Four of these eggs had flour put in them. All eggs looked the same, so you couldn't tell by looking which was which.

The children took turns smashing an egg on their head. Before doing so, we figured out together the percentage chance of them getting a "floured" one. For instance, the first contestant, Josiah, had a 4 out of 14, or 28.57% chance of getting a messy head. The children decided it was POSSIBLE, but not very likely. However, he indeed got a hair full of flour!

After each time, we discussed if the chances of getting a loaded egg had increased or decreased. Then we checked the percentage, and BLAM! Another egg cracked!

It was as fun as we thought it would be - which is saying rather a lot.

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Christopher Matthews said...

So cool, Susan. Wish I could have been there.