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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Peeking In

Elaine emailed me the following picture, saying that she was walking by the art room and wanted to capture this moment of sweetness and engagement.

This reminded me that we should all "peek in" to see what is going on all around our wonderful school. A good way to do this is to visit other teacher blogs. On the side of this post, you will find links to all of the other classroom blogs - you really should check them out! You can find out what projects are being worked on in art class, and what your child is doing in french and latin. You can also read about what is in store for your child as they travel on to another classroom. Go ahead, peek in!

Feel free to comment on any post as well - teachers appreciate knowing that you are reading!

(If you are a subscriber and get these posts by email, please note that you will need to go directly to the blog in order to find the other links. Conversely, you can find all blog links on the Summers-Knoll website.)

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