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Thursday, April 16, 2015

7th/8th Grade Exhibitions - Transformation

Karl's class of middle school students are often engaged in preparing "exhibitions". This is a way for them to pursue something that they are particularly interested in - they learn about a topic, decide on a good way to present what they've learn, practice and hone their presentation, and then demonstrate their knowledge in an exhibition geared towards their peers, teachers, and parents.

This round of exhibitions has a theme - transformation. There will be a wide range of exhibitions, from Ovid's Metamorphosis, to a new school butterfly garden, to the effects of music upon mood. Parents of all students are certainly welcome to attend an exhibition to see what the oldest children have been up to, and to peek into the future if your plans include S-K through middle school. It is just one more reason our school is a truly unique and amazing place for ALL children, no matter their age.

One pair of students, Elizabeth and Lee, have chosen to work with us, and the children are very excited about it. They will work together on parts of our ongoing mealworm-beetle project. Yesterday, we spent some time doing an experiment to find out if mealworms have food preferences. We may run the same experiment with a darkling beetle, to find out if anything changed. Elizabeth and Lee will also be writing a book with our students, as a guide to mealworm studies. This book will be used in future years. Lastly, a couple of our students may even be asked to be part of the exhibition!

We love when children from different grades work together. The advantages to the older children include learning to be helpful, to apply their learning, and to become positive role models. Younger children love the attention, and love having older friends.

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