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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Environmental Super Hero Project for March, Part 2

Today was the day! The sun was shining, the birdies singing, and we knew it was time for a little spring cleaning. Children donned their delightfully decorated aprons, gathered their rags, and followed the recipe to make their own batches of environmentally friendly cleaning solution.

Here's the recipe:

Fill a spray bottle almost to the top with warm water
add 2 teaspoons of organic castile soap - we used Dr. Bronner's
and 10 drops of essential oil - we could choose between peppermint and tea tree/lavender

The school smells terrific! We cleaned the classroom, Val's classroom, and our lunch room. Students are welcome to take home their bottles and aprons today. Keep 'em busy, I say!

SUPER HEROES, UNITE! Use your force for CLEAN and GREEN!

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