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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Egg Drop Science

This morning's science lesson with Shan was very eggs-citing! I know the students all had a great time, and got to practice making predictions, experimenting, and documenting results. We also talked about some science terms - like motion, velocity, acceleration, and gravity. 

Shan told the students that they would be using materials to protect an egg from cracking when dropped from a good distance. First, they had to fill out their sheet with all the available materials - feathers, marbles, bubble wrap, beans, styrofoam, cotton balls, and paper towels. Then they made predictions - would the egg remain smooth and whole, or would it crack?

Children were partnered up and prepared their plastic bags with the materials that were selected for them. 

And, finally, the egg drop! Today, we had only one uncracked egg. Cotton balls worked really well to protect the egg from cracking.

Next week, we will continue these experiments using different materials and varying heights.

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