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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Tribes Work Today

Today in Tribes, we did a bit of temporary regrouping. We have 3 Tribes with 5 children in each, and most of the time these "families" will work together on a challenge (these groups will be introduced at the end of this post). This time, however, I had one child from each Tribe form separate 3-person teams in order to create Venn diagrams about differences and similarities.

After this activity, we got together to talk about any "surprises". One child was surprised and thrilled to learn that while she thought she was the only one in her group to like ice skating, it turned out that all three children did.

Okay, now to officially introduce the 3 Tribes. So far, these children have 1) found each other by completing a big jigsaw puzzle with their names on the pieces, 2) come up with a name, and 3) designed and decorated a tribal banner. All of this took cooperation, compromise, and patience.

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