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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

EB Trip To Museum of Natural History

Today was one of our final EB classes for this session - we will wrap up completely on Thursday. The class I offered this time, "Wild About Jane", has led to some lovely art, literacy, communication, social studies, and science ideas.

I had an ambitious plan this morning - a trip to the Museum of Natural History explore their exhibit about DNA and chimpanzees. Perfect! I hoped to make time also for the children to make "chimp bracelets" and "human bracelets" as a fun way to compare strands of DNA. That part will have to wait until Thursday, as the field trip took the entire hour.

Many thanks to Jill for being a great parent volunteer, and to our own Karen B. for shuttling us on the bus. I don't think we could have made it work if I had to park, so this was a lovely treat.

Kudos to the museum for making this information so fun and accessible for even very young scholars:

And no trip would be complete without the penny roll down the spiral wishing well!

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Christopher Matthews said...

Wonderful idea, Susan. Eliza brought up DNA at the dinner table last night, specifically the close genetic relationship between chimps and humans. Awesome!