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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A Great Day for Mail!

I looked in my school mailbox this morning to discover not one, not two, but THREE great pieces of very welcome mail. I excitedly went in to share with my students:

1) One sweet postcard from Clara, who promises to be back with us on Monday. This is the third postcard we received from England. We really are all looking forward to hearing about her journeys and adventures. This postcard was especially intriguing as it was about the ravens who live at the Tower of London.

2) A package from the Leslie Science and Nature Center, which included a postcard picture of the darling raptor we sponsored. The Northern Saw Whet Owl will be visited by us in the spring. Until then, we can enjoy learning more about the owl, and can look at his sweet face every day. (We also talked about "adopt" vs "sponsor". Although LSNC calls it adoption, I make sure the children say sponsorship - there is a big difference in my mind. Adoption means FOREVER, whereas sponsorship is for a limited time.)

3) A thank you note and certificate from Heifer's Read to Feed organization. In October, as you remember, we read books like crazy in order to purchase 2 water buffalos for a family in need. This is a gift that will keep on giving as more animals are born and donated.

I wish every day held as many surprises in my mailbox!

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