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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Birdie Bake Sale Preparations Complete!

We had a lot of great parent helpers this afternoon to prepare for tomorrow morning's annual "Bake Sale for the Birdies!" Many thanks to all - Louise, Shun, Brad, and Heather. We made a lot of great goodies - cereal loops, popcorn and cranberry strings, and seeded pinecones. Remember, the sale is tomorrow (Thursday) morning before school, and all proceeds go to Leslie Science and Nature Center. We are hoping to raise enough to sponsor a raptor. Last year, we sponsored the glorious turkey vulture, and donated enough money to take care of his food, medicine, and lodging for a year.

After the money is counted, the children will vote on which raptor to sponsor this year. We've done some research, and looked at pictures. We've also read about what happened to each bird - usually they are at LSNC as a result of a car collision, being pushed out of a nest, or other. We will set up a visit to the nature center in the Spring, in order to visit "our" raptor.

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