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Monday, November 10, 2014

Putting on a Play with Spencer

Spencer, the delightful 3rd-4th grade teacher down the hall, asked me a couple weeks ago if she could spend some of her planning time to come to our classroom to put on a play. Of course I said, "yes!"

She started by reading a story called Old Granny and the Bean Thief. It is a really cute story with lots of funny characters (including a cow plop), and repetitive language. After reading it a couple times, children got to choose who/what they wanted to play. Spencer cleverly adapted the play so that multiple people could play the same roles.

The lead of the play is Granny, played with delightful humor by Mia. Everyone, though, got a great part and learned their bit right away. Staging and costumes will be next.

These children are loving the plays they are in! What with the French version of Alice in Wonderland, using shadow puppets in Art, and now "Old Granny", they will be hitting Broadway any time!

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