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Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This morning we played a fun game. I had forgotten all about this game for some reason, and then was so excited to be reminded of it. If you are of a similar age (ha!) you might remember seeing the game show called Password on television. This is just one classroom adaptation of the game.

I chose two students to sit on chairs facing the other students. I revealed a secret word on a small whiteboard and showed it to everyone, except the two contestants. (We worked out a system so non-readers would learn what the word was.) Then students raised their hands to volunteer one-word clues that would help the contestants guess the word. The two players took turns calling on clue volunteers until one of them guessed the secret password. The student who guessed the word got to stay in front of the class, and the student who gave the final clue replaced the other contestant.

We will definitely play this another day. Eliza was definitely the ruler of the game today - she was unstoppable, and stayed up the entire time!

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Heather Halabu said...

Love it! Marcel came home talking about it. :)