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Monday, September 29, 2014

Read to Feed Begins on October 1!

Tomorrow I am planning on talking to the children about our big home-school project for October. We will start as we always do, by reading the true story of Beatrice's Goat. Beatrice is a little girl who was able to go to school and truly change her life, just by the gift of two goats. In turn, the goats produced offspring which were then gifted to other families in a widening circle of hope.

The money can be raised in a number of ways, and I will leave it up to each individual family. Most families pledge a certain amount for each book or each time period their child reads with them. Even if you choose to not participate in the pledging part, please have your child keep track of everything they read as I will be donating too. (Most families are amazed at the reading growth that happens during this month - a great bonus!)

I would like to do this for the entire one-month period. At the end of the month, the class will count up the money raised and decide on an animal to donate.

I hope you agree that this is a very worthwhile program. The Read-to-Feed Student's Guide will be coming home in your child's backpack tomorrow, September 30.

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Heather Halabu said...

Such a wonderful idea!