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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Environmental Superheroes!

Every year my class has done special monthly projects with an environmental focus. As a school, we emphasize being "green" in many ways, but there is always more to be done. In the classroom, we do everyday things like recycling, using both sides of the paper, and keeping the playground litter-free - but we will also be environmental superheroes by doing these special projects on a monthly basis.

Families who were with me last year will recognize some of these, and some are new. If you have an idea for a future superhero project, let me know!

September - plant a tea garden and go raspberry picking

October – start our new vermicomposting station - yes, worms!

November – junk mail challenge 

December – bake sale for birdies - proceeds will be used to sponsor a raptor 

January – snow ice cream and vegan baked treat

February – valentines for the birds

March – make own "green" cleaning solutions for spring cleaning

April – earth day special event - Trader Joe's grocery bags

May – field trip to MRF - Materials Recovery Facility 

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