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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Update on Mythological Beast Project

As you may remember, our big project for Mythology is to create a book/CD set. So far, we:

* created our own mythological beast by combining 2 or more animals or things
* made beautiful oil pastel creations
* took pictures of our own art piece
* wrote poems about our beast

Now, we are nearly done with the typing. I think there is just one last child to do so. (It takes a looooong time using the hunt and peck method, but the children have loved this part.)

Next, the editor (me) will combine the photographs and poems and make a book. Then, I will record each child reading their poem and make a CD. I'm not sure how to do this part, but I'm sure my co-workers will help. My goal is to have each child take home a book/CD set at the end of the year.

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