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Monday, April 21, 2014

Scenes from Garden Party

Many thanks to fellow teacher Chris Swinko for planning our Earth Day/Garden Party this afternoon, in conjunction with Whole Foods. Many areas were cleaned up, raked, and planted today .. and what a perfect day it was! The rain held off, and it was sunny and in the 70s.

The first and second graders, when they weren't planting, eating, or listening to a story, were busy making origami pots made from toilet paper and paper towel tubes. Thanks to all who provided these. Whatever the child made, they could take home. These are ready to be filled with potting soil and seeded ... then, when you have a seedling, you can pop the whole thing into the ground. Many people suggest putting a bit of newspaper in each cup so the soil doesn't leak through.

Whole Foods supplied a great assortment of goodies - juice, applesauce, two different types of cookies, bananas, and fruit leather. Most children took one of each - the gardening and fresh air made them hungry!

More planting will be done later - We are planning on have a bird/butterfly garden by the 1st/2nd grade windows. But, for now, we are so happy with all that was accomplished to make our school even more beautiful than before.

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