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Friday, April 18, 2014

Mythological Beast Project Continues

Our big thematic project this month is coming along, slowly but surely. As you may remember, the children have each created their own mythological beast by combining two or more animals or things together. So far, we have completed our large oil pastel pieces and have taken pictures of each one. Most children have also finished their rough drafts of their corresponding poem, and several have gone through the editing process and have typed their pieces into a word document. The pictures and poetry will be combined into a bound book.

When we are done with the written/typed part, then I will record each student reading his or her own poem, and then will download it onto a CD. The CDs will be included with the bound books.

Some of the poetry writing techniques we've been talking about:

* write words in regular sentences, then take out some unimportant words
* experiment with the length of the lines
* use comparisons
* use personification
* "be" what you are writing about
* use repetition. Or don't.
* use rhyme. Or don't
* use lively verbs

Here is a sample of one child's poem. This one is by Kai. Kai and I worked together to change the length of his lines to make if "feel" more like a poem. I also encouraged him to use a bit of repetition. I think the end result is quite lovely.


is hungry
he wants food
he eats anything
anything he can catch
he is powerful
and strong

By Kai

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