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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Library Time

Thursday mornings are filled with stories. We have "special reader" time each week, which has been just delightful. I love hearing the children read aloud, and - bonus - when I ask students what has helped them improve their reading skills the most, Special Readers is often mentioned.

Then our librarians come in to share a story. Saara and Jenny are the two most frequent librarians for this group, although Dan has come in too. It is such a treat. The stories they chose to read to us are wonderful. Many times, but not always, they find a story to fit our theme. Other times, they want to share a new book, or a family favorite.

This is also a time we get to spend with our "K Buddies". The kindergartners listen to us read, and also get some special time cuddled with their big(ger) friends in the library. Each child also gets to check out books, of course.

Saara helping with the check-out process

Cuddly Eliza

Mark reading with a K buddy
Oh, and today our librarian Jenny shared TWO new books. One was OUR book, Our Very Own Yoga Book. It has been catalogued and everything! It is in the 790 section of the library. Aditi was the first to check it out. Enjoy, Aditi!

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