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Monday, March 10, 2014

Project Happy - EB

We all - teachers and students - love the extension block classes (or EBs) each time. The children started counting down the minutes from the time they walked into the classroom. It really is a great opportunity for kids to work in different groups and with (sometimes) a different teacher AND it give the teachers time to do something that is particularly meaningful to them.

Today I'll give a peek into the EB that I am teaching, called Project Happy. In a future blog post, I'll sneak out and try to get some pictures of the other EBs happening around the building.

Each child received a special happiness notebook, and we took a few minutes writing down some things that made us happy.

Walking in the rain. Good dreams.

Going to New York for my cousin's Bar Mitzvah.

After writing in our notebooks, we gathered together to share our ideas. There were so many sweet things mentioned - and very few of them could be purchased with money.

Then we headed to the lunch room for our top secret kindness project. We helped set up the chairs by the lunch tables, and each student's spot was supplied with a little happy lunch note. 

Our theme song - we will be singing and dancing to this each time!

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