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Monday, March 31, 2014

Field Trip to Leslie Science and Nature Center

What a perfect day for an afternoon field trip! We were able to learn about a lot of the adaptations of various birds of prey, and saw a screech owl, an American kestrel, and a female turkey vulture up close. The students had a lot of information to offer, and asked some great questions.

Then we saw all the raptors in their cages outside. Of particular interest, of course, was the male turkey vulture, which we sponsored for the year with the proceeds of our "Birdie Bake Sale" way back in December. We even got to see him fed - delicious rat!

The female turkey vulture - so impressive!

This is the male - much smaller than the female.

The caption outside his pen (and, yes, I did request a name change to Summers-Knoll!)

All of us - proud and happy to have sponsored such a special bird.

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