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Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Love of a Great Picture Book

Recently, I was sent an article by a former classroom parent. She writes, "They struck me as being very useful for that age when children's reading improves beyond picture books, but they miss illustrations". I think I will never outgrow my love for picture books - and, indeed, find the language and ideas in many to be quite advanced. I love when a child introduces ME to a new picture book during Special Readers - I'm a sucker for gorgeous or whimsical illustrations. Eliza recently introduced me to a special book, and - although it was published several years ago - it is an example of sweet pictures and lovely words that make picture books so wonderful. Click on: All Kinds of Families! to listen.

And, finally, here is the link to the article:
Best Children's Books - 2013

Have you come across any new picture books that have quickly become favorites? Please share!

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