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Monday, February 10, 2014

Animals in the City Projects

So far today, we've heard from six students. We will listen to the rest of the students this afternoon. I have been VERY impressed with the projects we've heard so far - the written reports have been thorough and interesting, and the creative aspects have been...well, creative!

Each child gets a chance to sit in the author's chair and read their report. Then, they carry around the creative project so that each person can see it up close and personal. After that, it is questions and comments time - the audience can ask questions, give a compliment, or tell something that they learned from the report.

City Diorama with Coyote

Winter City Scene with Opossum Babies

Pearl Reading Report on Cottontail Rabbit

Felted Cottontail Rabbit
The following are snippets of the written reports. All in all, a very nice job. Students used full sentences, proper punctuation, and beautiful handwriting.  I know I learned a lot!

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Jason DePasquale said...

Wow, look at that handwriting! I'm going to use it to inspire some of the fifth and sixth graders to step it up a little!